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Solutions overview

YSTen, relying on its OTT TV platform technologies, provides services to radio & TV operator in combination of their features and actual situations. Radio & TV organization and their partners with copyright resources offer content resources  to content service platforms, and content license operators are responsible for auditing the contents and copyrights on the content service platforms, and integration license operators connect content service platforms with the qualification of content service  to their own integrated broadcast control platforms. The content is transmitted to end users with the correspondence of one broadcast control platform to one OTT TV terminal product. With rich experience in business expansion of OTT TV business and consummated service ability, integrated, the company offers systematic and complete end-to-end platform solutions and characteristic end products.

Solution composition
The system solution adopts modularized design, allowing users to construct part or all of the platform according to their own business characteristics and operation ideas.

Value and Features
* New media deployment:
Promoting traditional radio & TV organizations to be engaged in new-media operation, providing more advanced program operation patterns, helping traditional radio & TV organizations in the deployment of new media with outstanding user experience and advanced operation model to enhance their market competitiveness. 
* Content output:
Relying on the OTT TV network with nationwide coverage, promoting traditional radio & TV organizations to realize nationwide promotion and coverage of contents, enhancing their content influence and further bring into play the advantages of radio & TV organizations in content accumulation and content production.  
* Convenient operation:
YSTen provides convenient operation functions for the overall solutions of radio & TV to enhance the ability of radio & TV organizations in new-media operation and improve their operation quality.
* Efficient customization:
Supporting radio & TV organizations to provide some industrial and group users with business customization, including flexible in-depth customization according to the features of the industry, such as: customization of homepage, background, company introduction, and advertisement playing, etc.  


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